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SP8-A programmer


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SP8-A programmer

Product name :SP8-A programmer

Product description:

SOFI SP8 series is professional programmers specially for programming serial FLASH/EEPROM/SPI memories, with built-in 32-bit high-speed processors and USB2.0 communication interfaces. It supports high-speed programming of nearly all 24/25/93/BR90 chips. In the number of supportive serial memories and the writing speed, it greatly exceeds most general and similar special programmers that cost over 1000 RMB. It has a unique function of ISP online programming and supports more chips with continuous software upgrade. With exquisite shells made through professional mould opening and with advanced software/hardware design, SP8 series overtakes other similar products in both exterior and inner quality.


    SP8 programmers have SP8-A, SP8-B and SP8-F three types. SP8 is special programmers with the highest speed for programming serial memories (Note 1), the most types of supportive devices (Note 2) and the highest performance/price ratio in China. It fully satisfies the needs of home appliance and digit maintenance, engineering research and development, and mass production in factories。

    SP8-A is popular edition: It applies to personnel of home appliance and digit maintenance. With the cost of only 1xx RMB, it is the first version of special programmers for professional serial memories. It far exceeds other products at the same price level, and has uncommon performance/price ratio.

    SP8-B is mass production edition: It supports programming of online mass production, automatically detects whether the chips are placed well and then automatically starts programming. You can connect several programmers to one computer for synchronous and asynchronous high-speed programming. Plug and write. No synchronous waiting. Top speed and high efficiency.

    SP8-F is offline edition: In addition to the functions of the two types above, SP8-F has the function of offline programming. The built-in 128Mbit data memories can store programming files for the user. SP8-F can achieve different kinds of field programming without connection to computers. It operates easy and you can achieve mass programming. SP8-B and SP8-F are very suitable for mass programming of various serial memories in factories, and you can flexibly choose the types and the number of programmers as you need. Compared with expensive general programmers and one-to-multiple special ones, they are more convenient and flexible, and thus greatly reduce costs for labor and equipment purchase.


Note 1: Take 8M-bit EN25T80 as an example, SP8-A: read--1.24S, write--5.44S; Superpro 580U: read--4.15S, write-9.31S


Note 2: List of supportive devices (Up to July 22, 2011, SP8-B/F supports over 4150 devices, and the number is updating. If there is one device not supported, please ask us to add it. With supportive hardware and complete materials, it usually takes two work days.)





Performance and Characters

·USB2.0 communication interfaces (real USB interfaces, not USB to serial ports or simulated USB ports)
·Exquisite shells customized with opening moulds (cannot be caught by public-mould shells on the market), small (size: 103x71x23mm), and convenient to use and carry
·SP8 Fully supports WinXP/Vista/Win7, and perfectly combines 32-/64-bit systems
·Has built-in 32-bit high-speed processors, designed specially for serial memories, achieving high-speed and appropriate programming, and has the highest programming speed in China

·Supports nearly all 93/24/25/BR90 memories, and supports more chips through software upgrade.
·Unique ISP download ports and 10PIN color ISP download cable. On-board patch chips (such as main-board BIOS with SPI interface) can be directly connected to be programming.
·Standard 40Pin locking beds with zero insertion force, applicable to wide/narrow chips and general adapters 
·Supports contact detection for pins, and improves reliability of programming
·Perfect over-current and ESD protections, and protection against accidental damages of programmers and computer USB ports

·With mass production programming, it automatically detects the position of chips and then starts programming 
·Supports mass asynchronous programming via connecting several programmers to one computer. Plug and write. No synchronous waiting. Top speed and high efficiency
·You can choose offline programming: built-in 128Mbit data memories achieve different kinds of field programming without connection to a computer, and LED and buzzer present auditory signals of success or failure
·It operates easy and you can perform mass programming
·Supports low-voltage (3.3V) and 5V chips
·Provides self-detection for devices
Note: These functions are designed according to specific types, and only SP8-F has all these functions. For details, please refer to the attached correlation table for types.


Front view of SP8 (Size: 103x71x23mm)

Rear view of SP8


USB2.0 Interface

·USB2.0 interface combines USB1.1 
·Its power supply needs no extra power adapters, and thus is simple and convenient
·Its special USB2.0 chips are not simulated USB or USB to serial ports, and thus ensure the stability and speed of programming
·Its in-built ESD protects circuit, prevents programmers and computer interfaces from induction voltage and static electricity of computer shells, and thus improves the stability and security of programming


Built-in 32-bit high-speed processors

·The hardware of the built-in 32-bit high-speed processors is optimized specially for SPI Flash and Serial EEPROM, and thus ensures stable and high-speed reading and writing. 
·The programming process of all chips is completed by the built-in processors, without influence from computer master frequency. 
·High-speed processors are a guarantee for speedy and efficient programming, and special hardware design is also a premise for speed and stability


High-speed programming

·SP8 is currently the programmers with the highest programming speed in the industry, even quicker than general programmers and similar special programmers which cost over 1000 RMB. 
(Take 8M-bit EN25T80 as an example, SP8-A: read-1.24S, write-5.44S; Superpro 580U: read-4.15S, write-9.31S)
·Through built-in high-speed processors and special hardware design, SP8 realizes high-speed and reliable programming, especially for serial FLASH and EEPROM. 
·Arithmetic optimizations for different chips

    Attached table: readming and writing times of some chips


Chip types






8M bit





1M bit





16M bit





8M bit





512K bit





256K bit




ST25P16 [SOP8]

16M bit





32M bit





8M bit





8M bit





Intelligent pin detection

·The whole SP8 series has the function of intelligent pin detection. 
·Pin detection can effectively avoid failure or low success of programming caused by oxidation or misplacement of chips or problems from the adapters, and thus improves the efficiency of programming. 
·It presents via pictures the contact information of pins, like bad contact, fine contact, not used, and ignored


Protection against over-current and short circuit

·With perfect system of over-current detection and short circuit protection

·Effectively protects programmers from damages of misplaced chips (wrong position or direction), or wrong types of chips, or short circuit of chips or adapters
·You do not have to worry that the chips might be burnt due to damages of misplaced chips (wrong position or direction), or wrong types of chips

·ISP interfaces also have protection function against over-current and short circuit, and automatically detect the supply conflicts of target boards (or target chips)


40PIN general ZIF socket

·Adopts 40PIN gilded ZIF socket for wide/narrow dual purposes. 
·Can be directly applied to inline chips with eight to sixteen pins. 
·Can directly use any general adapter, with a pin width of either 300mil or 600mil. 
·Can directly use an adapter with up to 40 pins.

    SP8 was originally designed with a 16-pin ZIF socket(the left figure below), which was found later to support only 300mil chips and adapters. However, adapters available in the market are basically 600mil, and thus cannot insert into a 16-pin ZIF socket, which limits the application of such SP8. Based on this reason, SOFI decisively modified its moulds and adopted 40-pin narrow applicable ZIF socket .


Support online programming(ISP)

·Some patch chips can be programmed directly via ISP, avoiding the problem of unsoldering. 
·The whole SP8 series has special ISP interfaces buffered with special chips, and supports 2.0V~5.5V target boards (chips). 
ISP interfaces can be set up via software whether to supply power to the target boards (voltage can be set at 3.3V or 5V). 
·ISP power supply has protection function against over-current and short circuit, automatically detects the supply situation of target boards and thus avoids power supply conflicts. 
·It can be used to online upgrade of main-board BIOS (application example: Use SP8-A programmer to upgrade online BIOS of MSI MS-7392 main-board; website:

SP8 has an ISP interface and a download cable with 10-color single DuPont heads

Uses the ISP download function of SP8 to upgrade online main-board BIOS


Supports online/offline high-speed mass production

   Both SP8-B and SP8-F support online high-speed mass production, but only SP8-F has the function of offline mass production, which is very applicable to mass programming memories and thus saves much costs for equipment purchase and labor. Note: SP8-A does not have the function of mass production, and applies only to researchers and maintenance personnel
Online mass production characters of SP8-B and SP8-F:
·The programmer automatically detects the position of chips, and starts the automatic programming. 

·In programming, operators do not have to operate the computer, but only continuously put in and get out chips. 
·You can connect several programmers to one computer for synchronous and asynchronous high-speed programming. Plug and write. No synchronous waiting. Top speed and high efficiency.
SP8-F also supports offline mass production programming. Its characters are as follows:
·You do not have to connect it to a computer in programming, but only to the accessory 5V power adapter, and then it will automatically start the offline programming. 

·Programmers have a built-in 128M memory. So no extra memory cards. 
·It operates easily. Only download the offline data and you can use the device. 
·It automatically detects the position of chips, starts programming, and presents programming results via state lights and the built-in buzzer.



Powerful supportive software

·Chinese/English interface
·Supports WinXP/Vista/Win7, and completely supports 64-bit operating systems
·Supports various file formats like binary (files with any suffix), hex, Motorola-S and TI-TEK
·Multi-functional data buffer compilation, supporting direct modification by keyboard, and copying, filling and logical operation. Supports hex and ASCII displays
·Provides chip placement mode, adapter and ISP connection diagram
·Combines manual programming and user-defined automatic programming with one key

Software interface


Data buffer interface (supports data modification)



Correlation table of components and types


    ·One programmer host
    ·One USB line
    ·One 10Pin ISP download cable (10-chip 10-color ribbon cable with 10 single DuPont heads at the output terminal)
    ·One driving CD
    ·One 5V power adapter (only for SP8-F, for offline programming))


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