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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ of Product technical problem

What is the SKP100 dealer code when you registered?
Date Added: Wednesday 06 August, 2014
  What  is the SKP100 dealer code when you registered? 1001  
What is the type of chip flat about the product of vag.com12.12
Date Added: Friday 05 September, 2014
  What is the type of chip flat about the product of vag.com12.12 ? MG16+ft232rl and ... more info
Autocom can work with win 7 32 bit?
Date Added: Wednesday 10 September, 2014
  F: Autocom can work with win 7 32 bit?   Q:Yes, it can work with .
If Diagun, III and Launch X431 v+’s MINI printer is general 
Date Added: Thursday 11 September, 2014
 If the product Diagun, III and Launch X431 v+’s MINI printer is general?    No, it is not.V+ is the WiFi printer.
If ktag can connect the vehicle through the OBDII cable?
Date Added: Friday 12 September, 2014
    If the product of ktag can connect the vehicle through the OBDII cable? ... more info
The problem about the product FLY100
Date Added: Monday 15 September, 2014
When installate of the product Honda Fly100, it shows that the software has expired renew software license.   ... more info
The question about the product of UPA v1.3
Date Added: Tuesday 16 September, 2014
 upa usb 1.3 is installed well, but there is the problem when read and writ
Does the type of PCF 7935 PCF7936 chip can work with  4D or 4C ?
Date Added: Wednesday 17 September, 2014
Does the type of PCF 7935 PCF7936 chip can work with  4D or 4C ?   The PCF 7935 chip can work with 40 44. The PCF7936 chip  can ... more info
Does the product of R270 can work with 5M45H chip?
Date Added: Thursday 18 September, 2014
   Does  the product of R270 can work with  5M45H chip? does not.
Does the product of Fgtech V54 can  work on WINDOW 7 computer?
Date Added: Friday 19 September, 2014
   Does the product of Fgtech V54 can  work on WINDOW 7 computer?  Yes it ... more info

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