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100% Original SPX autoboss v30 Elite



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100% Original SPX autoboss v30 Elite

Supported Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German ( You Can Only Choose One Language )
One Year Free Update Online

Function :

  1. Quick test function to diagnose the complete vehicle
  2. Cover more than 57 makes, 40,000 vehicle systems
  3. More than just reading & clearing fault codes - goes far beyond and accesses the complete vehicle, including: drive line, chassis, body, and the networking/communication modules
  4. Live data and graphing, performs actuations and adaptations
  5. Key programming, Electronic parking brake, Service light reset and much more
  6. Cutting edge operation system: Windows CE
  7. European & Asian vehicles with dealer-level power
  8. Read & change ECU coding
  9. Coding of the new control modules
  10. Internet update function
  11. Testing report saving function
  12. Built-in Mini Printer
  13. All necessary cables and adapters included
  14. One universal connector for most vehicles, including all CAN vehicles          

Advantage :

  1. Live data graphic display
  2. Full component activation
  3. Read & change ECU coding
  4. Setting of adaptation values
  5. CANBUS function supported
  6. Internet update function
  7. HYUNDAI immobilizer
  8. Testing report saving function
  9. VOLKSWAGON immobilizer III
  10. Coding of the new control modules
  11. NISSAN idle speed self learning function
  12. Multi-language for international market demand
  13. Hand-held independent operation, supporting PC link


Features :                

  1.  Covers more than 50 makes, 1000 vehicle systems
  2.  Reliable USB connection ensures its stability in complex electromagnetism
  3.  Uses most advanced 2.4GHz wireless communication technique
  4.  Quick test function to diagnose entire vehicle                                                                              

(Distance depends on evvironment; the above distance is for reference only)

Main Function:

  1. Access to powertrain, chassis, body systems
  2. Quick test function to diagnose entire vehicles
  3. Fault code, data stream and service reset
  4. Actuations, adaptations, control model coding
  5. All CANBUS function supported
  6. Internet update function
  7. HYUNDAI immobilizer
  8. Testing report saving function
  9. Volkswagen immobilizer III
  10. Nissan idle self learning function
  11. Multi-language for international market

AUTOBOSS Wheel Alignment A-890 enjoys the following multifunction to meet different requirements:  

  1. Multi-language: English, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Korean and Polish etc.
  2. Complete database up to 2012 including latest BMW and Mercedes-Benz
  3. User can also add new data to the database
  4. Windows XP and Win 7 operating system supported
  5. Remote control unit for easy and convenient operation during car testing
  6. With user-friendly English interface, reasonable procedures, easy to operate
  7. Wireless communication between sensor and computer
  8. Sensor head self-calibration to maintain accuracy
  9. Parameter adjusted with cars in lifted position
  10. Customer database with complete records of previous measurements and measurement result from before and after adjustment
  11. Electronic leveling which can test the sensor head level automatically
  12. Special alignment test available for Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi
  13. State-of-the-art CCD technology with eight IR enclosed measurement
  14. Sensor head easily installed for convenience and could be changed individually without re-calibration
  15. Logical flowchart, background music, voice hints and self-help menu for real-time assistance during testing



Memory: 64M
Flash card: SD card, 8G
Display: 7” Wide VGA (800×480) Ultra Bright TFT
Power supply: DC 8~15V, AC 110~250V 50Hz
Port: Diagnostic port, COM port, USB port, Power port
Operating system: WINDOWS CE
Storage temperature: -30~85ºC
Working temperature: -10~70ºC
Humidity: <90%
Package Dimension(mm): L665*W218*H470

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autoboss v30 elite.jpg

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Tuesday 11 June, 2013

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