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Vehicle Night Vision camcorder UFO-NV-C150G

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Vehicle Night Vision  camcorder UFO-NV-C150G



Low-light-level technology


Day visual 1,000 meters, Night visual 150 meters


10x optical zoom lens


Synchronized with vehicle speed, 6.2” LCD screen


High definition video recording


Strong light Inhibition


Penetrate fog


WDR/ backlight compensation Display rearview camera


Support GPS navigation




 According to the statistics of U.S.A. National Highway Traffic Safety Authority, though driving at night only

accounts for a quarter of the entire road traffic, but occurred fatal accidents occupy half. The accidents caused by

 badness of sight at night occupy 70% of the accidents.




Main Functional Characteristics of Our Glimmer Vehicle Night Vision Camcorder: NV-C150 series: Day visual 1,000 meters,

night visual 150 meters, 10 times of optics synchronous zoom, high definition film and recording, synchronous speed of vehicle,

control highlight, Penetrate fog , access and display back up image etc.,.




Black and White Mode


   Night Normal Vision                                                Open Night Vision Camcorder

Control Highlight


  Night Normal Vision                                             Glimmer Night Vision

Color Mode


   Night Normal Vision                                              Glimmer Night Vision

Our Night Vision System                        PK                             BMW Night Vision System


Colour Glimmer Mode 



Black and White Glimmer Mode


 Vehicle Night Vision Camcorder Installed in Vehicle



Technical data

Vehicle Night Vision Camcorder (Glimmer)

Item No.: NV-C150G

Technical Parameter


Remark: 2 kinds of specifications’ attachment brackets of camcorder are optional.

            1, Length of bracket is 45mm.

            2, Length of bracket is 58mm.

Application Fields
Vehicle Night Vision System
Functional Characteristics
NV-C150A (basic edition): Day visual 1,000 meters, night visual 150 meters, 10 times of optics synchronous zoom, 

high definition film and recording, synchronous speed of vehicle (narrow angle with high speed, wide angle with low speed,

 match speed of vehicle seamlessly and continuously), control highlight, Penetrate fog , access and display back up image, 

Double screen interactive(4.3inch LCD external screen for gift)

NV-C150G (deluxe edition): Day visual 1,000 meters, night visual 150 meters, 10 times of optics synchronous zoom,

 high definition film and recording, synchronous speed of vehicle (narrow angle with high speed, wide angle with low speed, 

match speed of vehicle seamlessly and continuously), control highlight, Penetrate fog , access and display back up image, GPS (5 inch external screen)

Who will be interested in it:

1. car owner

2. car decoration shop, car modification shop

3. Electronic product distributor

4. xenon lamp industry

5. army,Urban Management 

6. engineering construction

7. earthquake rescue, air rescue, sea rescue

8. travel agency, tourist bus, bus, taxi,long distance truck

9. Second-hand vehicle reseller

10. auto repair company

11.  vehicle manufacturer

12. Auto parts factory

13. Traders

14. photographers

15. Travel lovers

16. countries and cities with heavy fog

17. countries and cities  in turmoil

18. journalists

19. Person who are interested in new device 

20. Supermarket

21. Private Detective

22. somebody who want to invest but did not find a good  project

23. for Gifts to friend,family or leadership

24. The government

25. The railway transport







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Wednesday 17 July, 2013

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 17 July, 2013.

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