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Sensor Signal Simulation Multi-meter



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Sensor Signal Simulation Multi-meter

Product name : Sensor Signal Simulation Multi-meter

Display: 3-3/4 digits LCD with 25mm high
numerical displays.
Auto Functions: Auto-zero, Auto-polarity, Auto-ranging.
Auto Power Off: The meter will enter into “Power Off” mode 30 minutes after no activity detected. When button is pushed or selector switch is turned, Power turns ON again.
Low Battery Indication: " ".
Over range Indication: "OL".
Power Supply: Single 9V battery (NEDA 1604or IEC 6F22)
Reading Rate Time: 3 reading per sec (approx.).
Max. Common Mode Voltage: 500VDC or AC peak.
Safety Standards: The meter is up to the standards of IEC1010 Double Insulation, Pollution degree 2 over voltage Category Ⅱ.
Operating Environment: 0 ~ 50℃ (32~122℉) at ≤70% relative humidity.
Storage Environment: -20~60℃ (-4~140℉) at ≤80% relative humidity.
Temperature Coefficient: 0.1×(specified accuracy)/(≤18℃ or≥28℃)
Accessories: One pair test leads, single 9V battery (NEDA 1604or IEC 6F22), operating instructions.
Fuse: 0.5A/250V, 5×20mm fast acting 10A/250V, 5×20mm or 5×25mm, fast acting.
Dimension: 155mm×97mm×50mm
Weight: Approx. 320g (including battery and holster).
*Accuracy is given as ± ([% of reading] + [number of decimal digits]) at 18~28°C (65~83°F), with relative humidity up to 70%.
Ranges: 0.0~90.0%
Resolution: 0.1%
Pulse width: > 100us, <100ms
Accuracy: ± (2.5%rdg+10dgt)
Overload protection: 250VDC or RMS AC
DC VOLTAGE (Auto Ranging)
Ranges: 400mV
Accuracy: ± (0.8%rdg+10dgt)
Ranges: 4V, 40V, 400V, 1000V
Accuracy: ± (0.5%rdg+5dgt)
Resolution: 100uV
Input impedance: >10MΩ
Overload protection: 1000VDC or 750VAC RMS.
AC VOLTAGE (Auto Ranging)
Ranges: 400mV, 4V, 40V, 400V, 750V, (400mV only in manual)
Resolution: 100uV
Accuracy: 400mV, 750V ± (1.8%rdg+10dgt) at 50~100Hz
4V, 40V, 400V, ± (1.5%rdg+10dgt) at 50~ 400Hz
Input impedance: >10MΩ
Overload protection: 1000VDC or 750VAC RMS.
DC CURRENT (Auto Ranging)
Ranges: 400uA, 4000uA, 40mA, 400mA, 10A.
Resolution: 0.1uA
Accuracy: 400uA, 4000uA ± (1.2%rdg+5dgt)
40mA, 400mA ± (1.5%rdg+5dgt)
10A ± (2.0%rdg+10dgt)
Input protection: 0.5A/250V fuse on 400mA range
10A/250V high energy fuses on 10A range
AC CURRENT (Auto Ranging)
Ranges: 400uA, 4000uA, 40mA, 400mA, 10A.
Resolution: 0.1uA
Frequency response: 50Hz to 400Hz
Accuracy: 400uA, 4000uA ±(1.8%rdg+5dgt)
40mA, 400mA ±(1.8%rdg+10dgt)
10A ± (2.5%rdg+10dgt)
Input protection: 0.5A/250V fuse on 400mA range
10A/250V high energy fuses on 10A range
RESISTANCE Ω (Auto Ranging)
Ranges: 400Ω, 4KΩ, 40KΩ, 400KΩ, 4MΩ, 40MΩ
Accuracy: ± (1.2%rdg+10dgts) on 400Ω range
±(1.0%rdg+5dgts) on 4kΩ to 4MΩ ranges
±(2.5%rdg+15dgts) on 40MΩ ranges
Open circuit voltage: 0.4VDC
Overload protections: 250VDC or RMS AC.
FERQUENCY (Auto Ranging)
Ranges: 100Hz, 1 KHz, 100 KHz, 200 KHz
Resolution: 0.01Hz
Accuracy: ± (0.1%rdg+5dgts)
Sensitivity: 1V
Overload protection: 250VDC or RMS AC
CAPACITANCE (Auto Ranging)
Ranges: 40nF, 400nF, 4uF, 40uF, 100uF.
Resolution: 10pF
Accuracy: ± (2.5%rdg+10dgts) on 40nF range
±(1.5%rdg+10dgts) on 400nF to 4uF ranges
±(2.5%rdg+15dgts) on 40uF to100uF ranges
Overload protection: 250V DC or RMS AC
Test current: 0.6mA typical
Resolution: 1mV
Accuracy: ± (2.5%rdg+2gdts)
Open circuit voltage: 3.0Vdc typical
Overload protection: 250VDC or RMS AC.
Open circuit voltage:
0.4Vdc≤60Ω: Buzzer sounds
Overload protections: 250VDC or RMS AC.
DC voltage: 0~1V、0~5V、0~12V
Duty Cycle: 10~90%
FREQUENCY: 20Hz~-3 KHz @ 0~5V and 0~12V
Sensor Signal Simulation Multi-meter



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