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MC68HC(7)11 Programmer



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                                                       MC68HC(7)11 Programmer
Product name: MC68HC(7)11 Programmer

Supported language: English.

Supported devices:

> MC68HC11A8 (AB95T)
> MC68HC11A8 (C96N)
> MC68HC11A8 (D26E)
> MC68HC11E20(3E22B)
> MC68HC11E9 (1B60R)
> MC68HC11E9 (D82R)
> MC68HC11E9 (E22B)
> MC68HC11E9 (E28B)
> MC68HC11EA9 (2D47J)
> MC68HC11F1 (2F37E)
> MC68HC11F1 (E87J)
> MC68HC11K1 (2D58N)
> MC68HC11K4 (1E62H)
> MC68HC11K4 (OE75J)
> MC68HC11KA4 (1E59B)
> MC68HC11KS2 (0H95B)
> MC68HC11KS4 (0E57S)
> MC68HC11KS4 (0F60M)
> MC68HC11P2 (2E74J)
> MC68HC711E20 (1H19S)
> MC68HC711E9 (4K81H)
> MC68HC711E9 (5C47M)
> MC68HC711EA9(0D46J)
> MC68HC711K4 (K59D)
> MC68HC711PH8(0H30R)
> MC68S711E9 (5C47M)
> XC68HC711KS8 (1H96P)
> XC68HC711P2 (1E53M)


In-circuit/On-board EEPROM programming
High Speed EEPROM Programming
Communication with PC via a serial port
Easy to use Windows 98/ME/XP software
In-circuit/On-board EEPROM programming
High Speed EEPROM Programming
CONFIG Register Programming
Pin tester in both operation modes
Target MCU baud rate auto detection
Onboard processor ATmega16 allow to Firmware Update to new versions
2 color LED indicates mode of operation, power supply status

Additional items you'll need to use this tool:

1) Host: A 32 Bit x86 based or Pentium PC with a free Com1-8 port or USB port
2) Power supply: An 12 Volt / 500 mA
- For more information see MC68HC(7)11 EEPROM Programming tool User's Guide

Package includes:

Main hardware (programmer board)
MC68HC11EA9 PLCC-52 programming adapter
MC68HC11E PLCC-52 programming adapter
MC68HC11E QFP-64 programming adapter
MC68HC11K PLCC-84 programming adapter
MC68HC11K QFP-80 programming adapter
MC68HC11KA / KS PLCC-68 programming adapter
MC68HC11F PLCC-68 programming adapter
MC68HC11PH PLCC-84 programming adapter



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Saturday 08 September, 2012

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 08 September, 2012.

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