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Ignition Leak Checker


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Ignition Leak Checker

- Can detect the leakage location rapidly.
- It's easy to use; just connect up to the battery
power according to its colors (red wire connects
to positive+ of battery, black to negative-). It can
be judged rapidly and quickly from the tester
response if the part is aged or cracked. If the LED
is flashing or lights up, electrical leakage has occurred.
- The condition of spark can be determined by using
the spark tester. Normal sparks (arcs) distance is
20mm, and the shape is straight with violet blue in
color. If the sparks are either red or curved, it
indicates that the ignition coil has deteriorated or
aged. Different types of coil produce different spark
length. The cylinder pressure also determines the
spark length. Higher cylinder pressure will tend to
increase the spark (arc) length.

High Tension Leaks

The spark patterns below were seen when used in conjuction with
the Spark Tester.

Normal Sparks Abnormal Sparks
For more accurate results, test each cylinder individually.
Observe the spark shape, color and the arc distance when judging
the condition of the ignition coil.

It is recommended to use in combination with spark tester to achieve
better performance.

Package Includes:
Ignition Leak Checker - 1
Spark Tester - 2
Spark Tester cable - 2

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Saturday 08 September, 2012

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 08 September, 2012.

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