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ICE52B professional simulator


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ICE52B professional simulator

Product name: ICE52B professional simulator

Product description:

ICE52B professional  simulator,USB2.0,with ISP donwload function


USB2.0 interface (USB interface, the real, non-USB to serial port);

1, Speed code download.

2, Can be simulated ATMEL, WINBOND, DALLAS, INTEL, SST, PHILIPS and all other compatible microcontroller 51 

    and 52;

3, Does not account for resources, particularly off-IO port, serial port and timers and other important resources, all

    completely true simulation of single chip port features;

4, Support for offline operation, then simulation is equivalent to the target board fired the first good one chip, the

    operation can be more real, and the next run when the power is still the last download procedure;

5, Supports standard simulation operations such as full-speed, single step, step runs, breakpoint set / disable / 

    cancel, register with the variable view;

6, Support the suspension of the operation (mortality) function;

    Can be simulated dual DPTR, PCA, ALE disable, SPI interface, on-chip expanded 768 byte RAM and other

    51-enhanced MCU resources;

7, Up to 63K code in emulation space, support for external 64K RAM expansion simulation; 

8, Cycle using the Flash technology, the user not have to worry long time, burn Flash problem; 

9, Only a mouse-sized fine shell, use the carry very convenient.



Support IC List: 

AT89LS53 AT89LS53@ISP AT89LS8252 AT89LS8252@ISP
AT89S51 AT89S51@ISP AT89S52 AT89S52@ISP
AT89S53 AT89S53@ISP AT89S8252 AT89S8252@ISP
ATmega8515@ISP ATmega8515 ATmega8515L@ISP ATmega8515L
ATmega88@ISP ATmega88V@ISP ATmega48@ISP ATmega48V@ISP
ATmega168@ISP ATmega168V@ISP ATmega128@ISP ATmega128L@ISP
ATmega16@ISP ATmega16L@ISP ATmega169@ISP ATmega169L@ISP
ATmega169V@ISP ATmega169P@ISP ATmega169PV@ISP ATmega32@ISP
ATmega32L@ISP ATmega64@ISP ATmega64L@ISP ATmega8@ISP
ATmega8L@ISP ATmega8535@ISP ATmega8535L@ISP
DS89C430 DS89C450 DS89C440
P89V51RD2 P89V51RB2 P89V51RC2
W78E58B W78E516B



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Thursday 13 September, 2012

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 13 September, 2012.

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