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BMW CAS3 Tester Platform



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BMW CAS3 Maintenance Case:
  Cas3 computer connection with BMW test platform, power and observe the test cartridge LED lights can easily and quickly determine fault:
      Maintenance experience one test kit LED lights long bright after power is generally the CAS CPU FLASN data loss, you can find the same year BMW models FLASN write back can fix.
      Maintenance experience Second, the power test box LED does not light, generally the CAS EEPROM data to the CPU locked, such as when reading or writing data programmer instability often locked, causing unable to start the car, modify EEPROM data that is can.
       Maintenance experience three or repair shop program compiled bad cas3 computer can not start the car repair, computer connection with BMW test platform cas, power and observe the test cassette LED lights long bright, this situation is generally FLASN EEPROM data loss and data to lock live, generally can repair intact.

BMW CAS3 new models of computer, start the car when the battery voltage is low it is easy to lock the security, you can see the meter displays a yellow key symbol, all the original car keys can not start the car.

   Then the computer can be removed with a test platform CAS3 connection test, when the key is inserted into the test kit can hear the buzzer will sound, but CAS3 power strip has a green light does not like this kind of phenomenon tinkering 0L15Y eeprom data can be repaired without replacing CAS3 computer.


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Friday 26 June, 2015

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 26 June, 2015.

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